bobobark convertible backpack purse

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Timeless Parisian Design Handcrafted with Premium Materials Vegan & Sustainable

bobobark is a versatile, convertible backpack purse that embodies the Parisian chic heritage while being comfortable, practical and organized. Our handmade, designer piece can be worn as a shoulder bag (tote style), as a backpack or as a briefcase.

Size : 42 * 29 *7 cm | 16.5 * 11.4 * 2.7 inches

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Beautifully Organized

bobobark features a clamshell clasp that opens 180 degrees for a wide & clear view into the bag. A large zippered pocket at the center acts as a divider for the main compartment.

We also added a padded laptop compartment, accessible both from inside and outside of the bag, an easy-access phone pocket, and a port built into the pocket for a cable so you can stay charged away from your home, office or professional workspace.

Stylishly Flattering

Our convertible bag boasts a clean, geometric shape that was designed to flatter a woman’s silhouette and match the ergonomic shape of her body.

It elevates style by highlighting any outfit. bobobark is perfectly suited for a modern, professional woman’s work, play, and travel.

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Ethically Made

bobobark is a vegan backpack purse made from a premium cork skin that is collected and polished until the texture is as soft and supple as leather. This organic cork material is three times lighter than traditional leather, which allows for added comfort. It is durable and strong and is completely waterproof.

Cork is both organic and ethically sourced, so this convertible purse with backpack straps is completely sustainable!

Customer Reviews

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There is no other purse ON EARTH like a bobobark!

I was one of the lucky ones to have participated in the original Kickstarter campaign originated by lad lore. Reading and watching their presentation, I was definitely intrigued. A fabulous purse? Out of a sustainable non leather material? One that would have functionality, practicality, AND be fashionable?

WAell, I was excited! I not only ordered the Bobobark, but also its accessory package!

When I took it out of its dust case, I was enthralled! The texture was of a marvelous leather - the option of either the back pack, long strap, or short carry handle was amazing! The bright orange lining made it extremely easy to find my items in my bobobark! I use my bobobark when I travel, and it will hold EVERYTHING. And do I mean everything!

I’ve never fell in love with a purse before. And I’ve tried them all! I signed up for their 2nd Kickstarter for the bebebark and the optional cosmetic case and chain handle.

I can’t wait to receive them! And I eagerly look forward to receiving them.

You must buy them - they are truly amazing!

Looking forward to your next Kickstarter campaign!

A devoted fan!

Perfect Christmas gift

I kept opening the laflore site every now and then for the last half year to admire the bag. My boyfriend caught a glimpse of it and surprised me for Christmas. It was the most wonderful gift! I love that it's very light, chic, steady and organized. I even installed a special hook for it, so I can see it everyday. I also find different reasons to go out and wear it, as Covid keeps us more indoors.

Elegant and practical can go hand in hand

It is a well made bag and I am really happy with the following points:
1. convertible - it takes time to learn how to change straps but all the details are well thought and covered. Videos and explanation sheet come in handy.
2. It is very roomy and even 14 inch laptop would fit. Plus a nother 2 - 3 notebooks and gadgets and co, super for homeoffice too.
3. The pockets are well cushioned or padded, and proportioned.
4. The zips are really smooth and the closure too.
5. 180 degree opening and bright orange lining really help looking for things in this format or bag.
6. The bag still looks stunning though I had it stuffed with things.
7. The bag stands well with or without items.
Some points that I am not a super fan of:
1. the orange colour of the lining. I understand that the colour helps finding things more easily, and I do think there are other colours that would work well too.
2. The bag itself weighs about 1 kg, I am suspecting the brass details making the bag heavy (cork itself is super light), though they are super sturdy, the weight can be felt as soon as one put water bottle, notebbooks and laptop into the bag.

That´s all. I am happy to have purchased this bag and get to know the series of products and the company, and am looking forward to the bebe. Thank you for your hard work for this campaign.

Beautiful and vibrant colour

I finally received the bag after a long wait due to the corona pandemic. I chose the teal colour and it was so nice! It has a very nice feel carried as a backpack. The opening somehow need a bit of getting use to and access to the laptop area was a bit of a struggle (just a little bit). All in all a very nice bag!

Wonderful bag for new beginnings

I've been eyeing the bobobark since coming across the kickstarter and now my husband has gifted me the bag for a new job. Not only is the bag beautiful, chic, practicable AND sustainable, we also had a great customer service experience - one of the straps came with a small defect and it was taken care of by Natacha in a heartbeat and with true concern for the customer - this is why I feel shopping at small businesses is such a rewarding experience. I'm so excited to take my bobobark to work in 2021 (after the lockdown lifts...)